The audience for The Circle

Family Offices (single or multiple), UHNWIs, HNWIs, Financial Institutions

Who wish for the secure exchange of funding, goods, services and purchase of assets without the need for intermediaries, and do more in less time, whilst saving money.


Who want to take advantage of our unique interoperable blockchain infrastructure to secure and increase their business.

We are unique

The Circle has created the first interoperable blockchain; The Circle DLL (Distributed Ledger Library). Our DLL (distributed ledger library) is the key innovative Blockchain technology at the heart of The Circle model. DLL is a blockchain service with the ability to communicate with other blockchains by ensuring interoperability between THE CIRCLE blockchain and private or public blockchains of all economic players using its platform.

The interoperable blockchain is the networking of isolated blockchains and heterogeneous technologies.

That’s why The Circle, introduces a universal system of asset symbolization combining security, traceability, and disintermediation of transactions while ensuring transparency and ease of access for users.

The Circle includes a SaaS AI-driven platform designed to conduct due diligence and KYC processes for any new account creation in the DLL. It aggregates with external intelligence databases to eliminate all potential risk. The Circle offers a service that all transactions with “trusted” individuals and other entities comply with corporate and federal regulations.

Our system meets the blockchain’s first ambition, namely to enable the exchange of value and data securely through digital systems that can be isolated and heterogeneous with less or no intermediaries.

One key part of The Circle strategy is to grow its range of services and increase its value to investors by creating or investing in start-ups; all of whom offer World-class innovative solutions.

Enabling Family Offices, UHNWIs and Financial Institutions
to be one-step ahead of the changing Global economy

The Circle is a new and unique service, named Global Digital Family Office (GDFO), providing an innovative platform to be used by wealth management, Financial Institutions, Family Offices, HNWIs, and UHNWIs.

The Circle enables blockchain encrypted transactions of both goods and services through a totally secure environment, including the dematerialization of physical goods with the use of our ‘Smart Contracts’, and without the need for intermediaries. The smart contracts support the traceability of data and numerically represent contractual relationships between the partners.

Family Offices

Anticipate and prepare for the future disruption of all economies and markets

The Circle offers the most secure communication channels available for large industrial groups.

Within our blockchain infrastructure, The Circle provides a highly secure, on-the-fly communication channel between enterprises all based on the initial conditions set within the ‘SmartContacts’ and then deployed via our Distributed Ledger Library (Interoperable Blockchain).

Companies and Industries

The Circle offers low cost fully automated communications which benefits from full blockchain encryption. This is aimed at the IT Departments of large groups and is integrating within The Circle DLL and SmartContracts.  This enables partners to modernise their systems without the need to undergo costly internal IT development.

All users of The Circle DLL have access via their own interoperable blockchain with all other users, including many large industrial groups.

The Circle also provides its customers with a new integrated marketplace of products and services, increasing their visibility to all other users.

We support Start-Ups to contribute to the most ambitious technology project
since the dawn of the internet

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics


A unique opportunity for innovative start-ups


The Circle is not an Incubator or start-up studio, we are a developer of a platform and solutions to revolutionize the World-wide economy. However, from the existing marketplace will only come existing solutions, and we demand more. Therefore, we support start-ups who can deliver World-class products to merge into our total Blockchain SAAS platform. In return, we offer support and finance and an immediate footprint in the worldwide tech market.


The Circle invests directly
in start-ups at all stages
of their growth either directly
or through its powerful
Family Office community.

We also provide
Office Space,
Secured Cloud Services,
Legal help,
Accountancy, HR and Consultants.

More importantly,
we work together
on the long term vision
of The Circle.


We understand
that what we do
and how we deliver
it has an impact
on the World now
and into the future,
therefore we have
a strict set of codes
and principles
that we live by,
and will only partner
with Start-ups
who share our moral
and social ethics.


We work differently
to other investors
and take the pressure
off entrepreneurs
by not setting
specific timetables
for us exiting.
We instead concentrate
on the overall success
of the start-up,
along with
the positive impact
and return it delivers
to The Circle.

Socially Responsible Investing

At The Circle, we firmly believe that whilst we support start-ups and grow value for investors, that we also need to support the World that we live in.  Therefore, we only invest in companies that follow our strict ethical standards and codes.

Also, we support both local and international charities and projects that focus on what we believe in most; sustainability, education, health, human rights and the support of minority groups.

We are always happy to hear from worthy individuals or organisations on how The Circle can support them.

Let's talk!

The Circle by essence is a catalyst – a developer, a startup studio and seller of technological solutions,
initiated by specific requests from our network of partners and customers,
and then expanded to the wider market.


We’re here

Let's talk about your project

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